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Abey Issac

Postdoc von 5.5.2008 bis 31.01.2014. Seit Februar 2014 Assistenzprofessor an der physikalischen Fakultät der Sultan Qabus Universität in Muscat, Oman. 



Wilma, Kevin; Issac, Abey; Chen, Zhijian; Würthner, Frank; Hildner, Richard; Köhler, Jürgen
Tracing Single Electrons in a Disordered Polymer Film at Room Temperature
in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters vol. 7 (2016) issue 8. - pp. 1478-1483
doi:10.1021/acs.jpclett.6b00446 ...


Haedler, Andreas T.; Kreger, Klaus; Issac, Abey; Wittmann, Bernd; Kivala, Milan; Hammer, Natalie; Köhler, Jürgen; Schmidt, Hans-Werner; Hildner, Richard
Long-range energy transport in single supramolecular nanofibres at room temperature
in Nature vol. 523 (2015) issue 7559. - pp. 196-199
doi:10.1038/nature14570 ...


Issac, Abey; Hildner, Richard; Hippius, Catharina; Würthner, Frank; Köhler, Jürgen
Stepwise Decrease of Fluorescence versus Sequential Photobleaching in a Single Multichromophoric System
in ACS Nano vol. 8 (2014) issue 2. - pp. 1708-1717
doi:10.1021/nn4060946 ...


Issac, Abey; Hildner, Richard; Ernst, Dominique; Hippius, Catharina; Würthner, Frank; Köhler, Jürgen
Single molecule studies of calix[4]arene-linked perylene bisimide dimers : relationship between blinking, lifetime and/or spectral fluctuations
in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 14 (2012) issue 30. - pp. 10789-10798
doi:10.1039/c2cp41250k ...

Abey Issac

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